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This Collection reflects 40 years of research done in the Andes by Billie Jean Isbell, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology; Adjunct Professor of Law, Cornell University.

All original images copyright of Billie Jean Isbell. Digital image surrogates copyright of Billie Jean Isbell and Cornell University Library.

Grant PI: Billie Jean Isbell, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Adjunct Professor of Law

Slide & Text Digitization: David Jones, Mira Basara, Judith Johnson, Digital Consulting and Production Services (DCAPS)

Audio Digitization: Language Learning Lab

Metadata Creation and Design: Nancy Holcomb, Billie Jean Isbell, Nancy Solla, Rick Silterra, Marty Kurth, Greg Nehler, Danielle Mericle

Metadata Consultant: Cecilia Sercan

Luna Database Creation and Collection Development: Gale Halpern, Rick Silterra, Mira Basara, David Jones

Web Design: Melissa Kuo

Copyright: Fiona Patrick

Project Management: Danielle Mericle

This project has been made possible by the Faculty Grants for Digital Library Collections: Advancing E-Scholarship program.

Additional Image Credits

Banner image: Zenith and anti-zenith dates (ISB_01377)

Background image: Hillside agriculture (ISB_1405)

photo of Plaza of Chuschi (ISB_00273)

Plaza of Chuschi (ISB_00273)